Our team at DJ Raphi offers a variety of musical arrangements including, DJ’s, bands and interactive entertainment.

We have a unique proposition in which we interact and involve our crowd throughout the event.

With our unique method we interact and involve our crowd throughout the event.

what we do


With our variety of DJ's, live musicians and entertainment, we offer a high quality service for weddings and private events. Our unique energy will make any party memorable and uplifting. We offer an exclusive ‘live on DJ’ option, combining both a DJ and singers on stage together, creating a beautiful and euphonious musical experience.


Our number one priority is making the Bar/Bat Mitzvah boy or girl feel like a star. Along with our incredible DJ's, the Bar/Bat Mitzvah stars will lead the crowd with interactive and fun dances throughout the party. We offer an array of exclusive and personalized packages. Included in these packages are workshops, such as beatboxing, dancing and breakdancing. We also have LED bracelet shows, a variety of interactive dance videos and more...


Xtaza is a unique wedding band, made up of a professional DJ, four talented singers and live musicians. We offer an interactive performance suitable for all crowds. By using different musical genres and original combinations, we are able to merge Jewish music, beloved Israeli songs and Pop hits, making Xtaza exclusive, enjoyable and extraordinary .


Our online Zoom events are a unique experience in which we convey real live events to the virtual world, giving schools, camps and organizations the opportunity to participate in a digital live event with DJ Raphi and his team. Our zoom events include live DJs, interactive dancing, games, competitions with prizes and more.


Here at DJ Raphi we specialize in activities for large audiences, drawing in the crowd with our unmatched energy and involvement. Our goal is to engage the entire camp community and create a unifying experience. We create an unforgettable event for the campers and staff with our interactive DJ performance while singing and dancing together as one. We aspire to involve every camper and make sure that everyone is having the time of their life!


SING, an empowering musical initiative which brings together large groups for a creative singing experience. We specialize in working with both in person and online groups, getting everyone involved, no matter their musical talent, to be a part of an inspiring production. We offer this interactive singing show to camps, schools and corporate events.