DJ Raphi

Founder of the “DJ RAPHI” production company in 2013. Raphi redefined the role of the DJ at events in Israel and abroad with a unique concept called “Interactive DJ”. He has over 10 years of experience in the field of recording in Israel and abroad, a professional breakdancer (first place in the Israel Championship 2011, […]

DJ Adiel

Looking for a DJ who knows how to lift the bar? Someone who knows all the songs and knows how to give you the perfect experience? I’m Adiel Ben Rahamim, DJ and music producer. I invested many years and studied at the leading colleges in the country to produce the exact and perfect musical match […]

DJ Daniel

I know. It is important to you that will be happy at your event. You want all your friends to dance and there will be an event that will make your dreams come true. That’s exactly what I’m here for. Nice to meet you, I’m Daniel Ben-Rahim, the DJ who will blow you up with […]

DJ Brian

A DJ with over 10 years of experience, dances a variety of different styles and is a talented music producer and has appeared as a DJ and operator abroad. Brian represents Israel abroad in Zuk and Salsa dances and in addition he speaks English and Spanish. By nature, Brian is a talented dancer and performer, […]